3.2 – Well, We’re Done Here

What ended up happening:

How it happened:

The guy she ended up choosing?

… they have six kids. Five toddlers and a child. I’m screaming.

… We’re done here.

Okay, so here’s what happened: last three remaining guys did a challenge, ^ that guy ended up winning, and… Now they’re fiancés. Not married yet. They will be. Maybe. We’ll see. … and Jake, Jillian and Clay have passed away. 😢 Sad.

Anyway, yeah… I wanted two kids this gen, and I get 3x that. Yep. Alright. Let me tear my hair out in frustration. I almost had 6 toddlers for 2 days (Child had two days remaining until she’d become a child), but I just decided to make the child a child before the toddlers came, and… that was a good call, because Ainsley went into labor not much later.

Anyway… next time… hopefully I don’t end up tearing my hair out?

… oh, right. You want to see the kids and know their names. Alright.

(I can’t tell the kids apart yet, but…) Fajita, Rice, Pizza, Tater Tot and Jambalaya. Tater Tot and Jambalaya are mermaids.

… oh. I forgot to mention.

This guy is a mermaid.

Author: thypie

Hello! I am a lover of the Sims and have played for about 8-9 years now, starting with The Sims 3, and moving on to The Sims 4. I have two legacies, currently. One on The Sims 3, and one of The Sims 4.

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